Game Jam Kit – Useful Links

I’m helping out with the Getty Game Jam, and I figure I’d post links to some sites I’ve found handy in the past, especially if I’m short on time.


My particular weak point is audio, especially music, but having any audio usually a million times better than no audio at all.  Fonts can also go a long way to making a quickly programmed game look right.  To that end here are a few links: ( An old standby for quick, retro sound fx.  Great for old-school style games, but I’ve also had luck making subtle, minor sounds to help with GUI feedback and other types of interaction.

TuneToys ( The whole site is great, but I’ve had luck with the “Pieces-O-Midi,” which cuts up and rearranges a MIDI you give it.  You often get a track that sounds familiar, but also novel.

GXSCC ( This turns MIDI files into chiptunes – From NES or MSX style to simple square or saw waves.  Very handy!

Tack-O-Rama Fonts ( Separates font styles by decade.  Want to make an Art Deco game?  Retro-70s computer fonts? Edgy Punk Rock poster text?  The site has proven very useful finding an appropriate font to suit your game style.  A large number of dingbat fonts could also provide decent clip art.

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