Procedural Game Jam 2014 – Part 10, VR addendum

This isn’t really for the jam itself, but is one of the “next phase” branches I have for my research.  I’m very interested in immersive spaces that aren’t photoreal, nor trying to be.  I finally got my Oculus DK2 working well enough to try Forska, in real time, in a virtual reality setting:

A huge warning – there is a lot I should strictly be doing that I’m kind of glossing over.  I’m just applying the filter indiscriminately to both cameras.  If this were a still image, it would hardly work at all.  Right now, I’m relying a lot on persistence of vision to smear over any vertical disparities (vertical disparity being absolute poison in stereoscopic imagery).  Still, I think the approach might have potential.  As it stands, it feels like walking through noise, and produces an interesting experience if you’re ready for it.

tfurmanski@gmail.comProcedural Game Jam 2014 – Part 10, VR addendum

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