Procedural Game Jam 2014 – Part 7


As the above image suggests, you can go to different worlds.  Currently it’s a different terrain and textures, from ice to desert to forest, but it’s easily expandable.  With a bit of work I could make the textures themselves procedural.  I’ll probably go for weather first, trying to make each space have its own take on fog, clouds, and water falling from the sky.


Seems like I spent longer on getting the math right for dawn/dusk than I did managed travel between worlds.  The random seeds are handy tools, and making a coordinate system that allows travel between ~4 billion worlds (that being the 32 bit integer limits of a random seed) is handy.

Here’ a video of a “time lapse” showing the day/night cycle in action. Even thought the experience works through still images, the world updates every few seconds even if the user doesn’t navigate. It’s rarely as fast as the video, however 🙂

Besides trying to add in a bit of weather, I’m mainly “feature complete” with regards for the Game Jam.  I need to test this as much as I can tomorrow, and see what breaks when someone else tries to explore.

tfurmanski@gmail.comProcedural Game Jam 2014 – Part 7

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