Procedural Game Jam 2014 – Part 6

I took back the sky!  That is to say, I removed the static skybox and placed a series of concentric spheres in the world.  I also gave the spheres shaders that would let me adjust their color and transparency.


I’m not sure I’ll have time during the Game Jam to fully implement proper day/night cycles – my current priority is fully integrating the “create world from a specified seed” into the actual play experience.  Why, you ask?

Here’s a hint:


The garish violet color is for testing to see if placement is working (and making them easier to find).  There’s a lot of cool stuff I can think of to add, but I’ll see how far I get with this last major feature.  Then I’ll go back to the the world generation itself.

tfurmanski@gmail.comProcedural Game Jam 2014 – Part 6

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