Procedural Game Jam 2014 – Part 5

My code’s getting pretty messy.  I found a good source for Worley noise (aka “Voronoise”) to throw into the terrain generation mix of “spices”.

I also consolidated a lot of the functions into a single “Generate World” button – the idea is that eventually I won’t even have to press it, the computer will know when to do it on its own.


A lot of time spent today with noise, textual formatting, and odd bugs.  I also added in some simple agent behavior, so Forska has a template for creatures and people moving around.  Even if the interactivity is frame-by-frame, it updates every few seconds (adjustable, of course) on its own if idling, so the “painting” changes even when left alone.

A few things coming up on the list – movement between worlds generated by different random seeds, but probably not before I add in enough variance that someone would be able to tell the difference between said worlds.  Among the many gems of good advice from ProcJam’s talks was Hazel McKendrick’s described practice of being able to generate a large number of procedural textures/models/landscapes from your initial system – and then looking at them all at once.  You compare and see what looks the same, what looks different, and what doesn’t work, while trying to see where salient differences can be added.  It’s a fine tightrope of similarity and difference when building a procedural system.




tfurmanski@gmail.comProcedural Game Jam 2014 – Part 5

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