Procedural Game Jam 2014 – Part 4

A lot of time lost in the noise – Perlin noise, generally.  A large part of the day was also figuring out that some functions I use swap the X and Z coordinates while processing heightmaps…don’t ask me how long that took me to figure out.

Although in retrospect I did get the beginnings of a few new features in:


The beginnings of proper structures – in this case, ruined foundations, but it’s a start.  I have a tile map that is (almost!) ready to take in different block styles, and see if they’re compatible with one another.  I also need to get the tools a little better organized.


I’ve added a simple way to communicate to the player by adding monuments, plinths that can litter the landscape.


The poem seemed appropriate for some reason…


I don’t know if this was the traveler the inscription referred to, but one reason I’m sticking with the frame-by-frame + postprocessing is that you can do a lot with a little.  AI pathfinding doesn’t need to work at 60fps, and for a Game Jam, I’m not quite ready to spend a lot of time finagling with animation:


The traveler above is a billboard – the shadow helps ground and give an illusion of depth, while the post-processing hints at motion that would be very tricky to get right if animated.

Next I plan to tweak the ruins a little bit, then make a single “push here to build landscape” button that can take in a seed.



tfurmanski@gmail.comProcedural Game Jam 2014 – Part 4

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